Wednesday, March 6, 2013

18 Months

Lewis is 18 months old now, halfway through his second year of life and closer to his 2nd birthday than his 1st birthday. This second year of life is so amazing; everyday he opens up to the world a little more, learns a new word, and is a more busy, animated, joyful toddler.

A very snowy boy

I got rid of the booster seat in favor of the Kaboost recently because I just could not face cleaning all the disgusting crevices of the booster seat anymore. It's a bit of a struggle to convince him to stay in his seat instead of running around the house at mealtime, but he is getting there. If the food is a special favorite of his (the breakfast sausage we get from our local pork guy, or watermelon, or anything sweet I deign to give him) he will gobble it up with concentration; if the food is not so interesting to him, he will often hop down pretty quickly to explore the world. Despite this, I am glad to get one more piece of plastic baby crap out of the house. This time around, I am not keeping much of anything. All the clothes go to other families right as he outgrows them, and I am gradually clearing out all the infant toys and cloth diapers and so forth.

A big boy sitting at the table

I am not feeling sad right now about Lewis getting so big and outgrowing so much baby paraphernalia; I do not feel nostalgic for the high chair or the jumper or the bouncy seat or any of the other various baby items I have passed on to other mamas as we have finished with them. Part of this is that he is still nursing here and there, we are still deep in the throes of diapering, he still sleeps part of the night in our bed, and so forth; there is still a lot of sweet, cuddly baby in him at this stage. (Although if he follows the same pattern as his big sisters, he only has ~6 months left of nursing and ~1 year left of diapers-- mind-blowing!) The other part of this is that he is so amazing right now. I love this second year of life, with all the language learning and exploring and engaging with the world.

Lewis exploring at the Natural History Museum

The language explosion is just amazing; it seems like he is literally learning a new word every couple of days. He says "nana" for banana, "baba" for apple, night-night, nurse, go, shoe, and funny versions of all of our names. I think his latest word addition is "AH-ter" for water. Another recent one is dog; for the first three days, he pronounced it as "DERRRRG" but then he shifted to a more normal pronunciation. Whenever he closes a door or puts something away or throws something in the trash, he lets out a complacent, self-satisfied "there!" Both of our girls as toddlers said "uppy!" when they wanted to be picked up, but Lewis has gone with something more like "upf!"

I will pick you up as much as you want, amazing boy.