Friday, January 11, 2013

Congratulations, This Week

I would like to extend my congratulations to this week, our first week after the holidays back to work/school/everything, for totally knocking me sideways and kicking my butt. Grace was back to 1st grade and started a gymnastics class, Violet started at a new preschool, Rob started working at two clinics instead of one, I tried to get my working hours back up to their normal levels, and somehow I also thought it would be a good week to schedule various dentist and doctor appointments. I think it would have been a lot for even a normal week, but we were all out of practice for our normal lives so things were a bit rough.

One thing that seems to be going well is Violet at her new preschool. After Violet's first appointment to do evaluations and see if there are things we should be doing to help her, we decided that it was time to pursue preschool for her again, and to try for a more traditional, structured preschool environment. I called around and discovered that the Jewish Community Center (where Grace went to pre-K) had just had a spot open in Violet's age group for MWF mornings THAT VERY MORNING so we decided to go for it. So far she is loving it; she is excited to go and sad to leave, she asks about going on non-school days, and she says it makes her happy. I've been talking a lot to the teachers about where she is right now socially and behaviorally and I feel really good about them. They are saying that she often protests transitions (no surprise there) but otherwise they think her first week went well.

First day at a new preschool

The downside to the JCC is that it is pricey by Salt Lake standards, partly because you have to be members to enroll at the preschool. The upside is that then you are members at the JCC! They have lots of really nice programs including a lovely gym and wonderful childcare for kids Lewis' age, so now I am working out at a gym again-- hooray! I shall lift many weights and become buff and strong.

I need to figure out how we are going to feed ourselves dinner on weeknights this semester. We have something scheduled every evening Monday through Thursday that interferes with either Rob or I being able to cook a "real" dinner by an hour reasonable for children who start their bedtime routine by 7pm. By "real" I mean cooked from scratch with ingredients that require being chopped, not super-fancy or anything. I find that that almost always takes about an hour, and I don't think an hour is too long to spend on a weekday dinner but we just literally don't have that kind of time on weekdays. So what to do? Become one of those people who does almost all the cooking on the weekends? Heavy use of the slow cooker and do everything earlier in the day? Hope that we will somehow get better at navigating weeknights? Dinner is one of the ways in which this week did a stellar job of prevailing against me.

More snow!

It has been snowing heavily since late yesterday and I am thankful for this because a) it is super beautiful and I love snow and b) I think it will encourage us to hibernate this weekend in a much-needed fashion. I drove around a lot today in the blizzard-y whiteness; it took me the better part of an hour to get Violet to preschool, I put my anti-lock brakes to good use, and I passed many cars stuck in snow or bonked into signs or whatever. I've used up several days' supply of fight-or-flight hormones driving around so this weekend I need to exercise my hermit tendencies.  Hopefully a weekend of hiding out and being lazy will allow us (me?) to approach next week with less blankness and more energy than I feel right now.