Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And Nothing Came Up

Violet is fixated, nay OBSESSED with this book right now. We read it over and over and over, and she will sit on her own paging through it and making funny little vocalizations that mimic the sound of us reading it. Not that I mind too much, as it is one of those sweet old classic children's books that are full of charm and gentleness and adorable illustrations. There are some very vacuous, annoying children's books out there, but this is not one of them. I don't remember Grace perseverating on a single book like this, but I do remember this being the age (~18 months or so) when she finally got interested in books and wanted to sit in somebody's lap and read and read and read. There are few things more adorable than a toddler backing herself up to plop in your lap, book clutched firmly in her chubby hands.

The book itself is about perseverance and confidence in the future, which seems an apt message for us right now. We had an offer on our house this past weekend, which was such good news after the weeks and weeks of our house being on the market with no offers. It was a low-ish offer, but if we had been able to meet somewhere in the middle, it would have been OK. Unfortunately, the buyer wasn't interested in negotiating up any significant amount, so we told them no. There's the issue of how much money we will be losing on the house (which with his offer was a LOT) but also looking around at everything else in our neighborhood we feel feel pretty sure that our house is worth more than that, that our price is not that far off, which is also what our realtor says. So sadly our metaphorical carrot seed did not sprout this weekend and apparently we are still in the gloomy middle part of the book. Here's hoping that we get to the happy ending soon...

It is going to be a quiet day around our house because I am just not up to anything taxing today. We are still dealing with sickness and illness (yes, almost 2 weeks since my last post, we are still not better) and last night was just awful. We are all on the mend and our noses and throats and fevers are mostly fine, but Violet and I have these lingering coughs that are keeping both of us up at night. My albuterol (that I share with Violet via this tiny mask contraption) is just not cutting it anymore and I could seriously go for some codeine or whiskey or some other cough-suppressant big guns. The sleep deprivation has found me rather wan and fuzzy-brained and listless today, I am afraid, and the day looks rather long and daunting ahead of me. I predict that a) I will read Violet's favorite book about a dozen times and b) there will be a fair amount of children's TV involved.

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Carlie said...

Aw! Thinking of you as you wade through the icky middle part of the book. I hope you get the perfect buyer at just the perfect time and am praying for glowing health during the move.

Also, I love the toddler backing in my lap too. *melt melt melt*