Thursday, May 27, 2010

Questions Grace Has Asked Me Lately

  • Why is our bathroom so small and the rest of our rooms are so big?
  • Why do we wear underwear?
  • When will the mosquitoes go away?
  • What will our new habitat be like after we leave our habitat in Texas?
  • For my birthday, can I have chocolate cupcakes in white paper with white frosting and sprinkles? (Her birthday is in February.)
  • What kind of cake do you want for your birthday? (A more timely question, as my birthday is in just a few weeks.)
  • When will it not be so hot?
  • Can I watch more TV?


Fretman said...

Habitat? Grace uses the word "habitat"?

Carlie said...

LOVE this list! I have to write some of my own down. Adore that she thinks about her habitat...and wonders about underwear and has birthday dreams already. My kind of girl!

Eva said...

Wow, I'm also impressed by the use of "habitat". Very geeky parents?, sophisticated daycare?

Robert said...

While there are some geeky parents involved, I'm going with Sesame Street for the habitat reference. A real estate agent was trying to convince Big Bird to take up a new one.