Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some November Portraits


Our friend Michael Friberg here in Salt Lake is a documentary/editorial photographer and is currently raising money to fund a photography project on Mormon culture. Both Rob and I think really highly of his work and we've wanted to ask him to do a photo session of the kids or all of us or something so we were excited to see that one of his backer rewards was a portrait session. We did our session last Friday at a little park close to our house and I am SO, SO happy with his work. I mean, seriously-- are these not gorgeous? I want to get them all printed huge and hang them around our house. (Perhaps I'll restrain myself to just a handful.) He posted some more images from our photo shoot on his Kickstarter page, if you want to see more. There are 11 more days in his Kickstarter project and you should definitely check out his project and consider backing it; there are lots of fun backer rewards.

And if you are local and looking for portraits, family or otherwise, I think that particular backer reward is fantastic, especially when you compare it to what you can spend to get good family portraits. For the curious, Mike gave us about 70 edited images from our session and we're allowed to print them. He might even be able to get things done in time for Christmas cards if you hurry!



Autumn baby


Funny girl


Spin around



Swing high


amydove said...

Is it weird that the one of Rob spinning Grace reminds me of the laws of physics?

Really, beautiful pics!

Emily Cooley said...

Amazing, like seriously!!!

Carlie said...

The one with Rob spinning Grace and the first shot of Grace at the top are my very favorites. What fun! Someday I'm gonna get real professional pictures taken of our family. :)

Becky at VintageMixer said...

They are lovely and it helps that he was shooting a beautiful family!

Eva said...

I love the one with Violet seen through a Fence. Very nice photos!.

Amy B said...

GORGEOUS family!