Friday, November 18, 2011

A Few Lists

Things That I Neglected to Do Before Our Portraits Last Week
  • Lose 30 lbs of baby weight
  • Get my eyebrows threaded
  • Buy new foundation that is pale enough for me now that my pool-induced tan has faded
  • Get a haircut

Things That I Can't Find Around in Our House Even Though I Need/Want Them
  • our iPod Shuffle
  • the voucher for piano tuning that came with our piano
  • my 1st edition of The Tailor of Gloucester (has been missing since our move from Texas)

Things Violet Has Said To Me This Week
  • "I looking for my Daddy," upon waking up and coming upstairs
  • "Do we go peepee in our panties?!" which she thinks is a hilarious question since she knows the answer
  • "Somebody come and play..." sung in her little toddler warble (I admit that song is really moving to me)

Things I Have Done Recently for the First Time Since Lewis Was Born
  • Leave him (last weekend when I went to have a massage)
  • Go running
  • Sit down and play the piano for a while (see above RE: desperately needing tuning)


Carlie said...

Love your lists! :D

Violet is getting to be quite articulate! Fun to hear her full fledged thoughts as they appear.

Beck said...

I NEVER EVER have the right shade of foundation. I always have either Middle Of the Winter Pallor Shade or Deep Summer tan and not my usual actual skin colour.
I shoud do a list of things we can't find around our house. It would be a LONG list.