Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Carbs! I Need Some More Carbs!

Someone bring me some carbs!  I swear that nothing brings what I eat more in line with the Standard American Diet healthy types are always bemoaning than pregnancy.  This has 2 main reasons: a) nothing is as soothing to a miserable tummy than some nice refined carbohydrates and b) I cannot manage the energy or stomach to do much cooking so nice packaged prepared food it is for us.  I now chuckle at my plan to start 2011 off on a super healthy eating kick.  I can hardly face a vegetable or legume and white flour is my friend.  (I am eating a lot of fruit and dairy, so that's something, I suppose.) We have turned into a short order cook kind of house, where Rob cooks and eats his food (he is sticking with our grand healthy eating plan) and we make something easy the girls will eat and then I pick at whatever sounds like it might not be disgusting.  Usually carbs.

I was so cheered by the responses of our friends and family to our surprising news.  I wasn't expecting people to be mean or judgmental or anything, but everyone being so warm and encouraging really put me in a happy state of mind about circumstances.  I felt especially nervous about telling some of the adoption-minded people in my life and they were maybe the most gentle and understanding.  It's good to have so many people in one's life who are reassuring and positive and supportive; I am really grateful for the gift of so much kindness and all these relationships.  So, thank you.  Really.

So far, this seems more like the first trimester of Grace's pregnancy than the first trimester of Violet's pregnancy, which is a good thing because man, I was a MESS when I was pregnant with Violet.  This time it is the same kind of stuff but not as extreme.  Of course, I am typing this after a particularly rough morning (the nausea! the headache! the nearly irresistible urge to lie down somewhere!) but no, it is true-- I am not as badly off this time.  We are splitting hairs here though, because pregnancy has once again managed to turn me into an emo hot mess.  Ugh, I think this may be the part of pregnancy I dislike the most-- the mental/emotional craziness and just how foreign the inside of my head feels.  I can just feel the craziness welling up inside of me sometimes and I know I am not going to make it through whatever conversation I am in without utterly losing it.  For example, things that have made me cry big hot blubbery tears in the past few weeks have included:
  • telling people that probably we're not going to adopt this year,
  • this video about being Muslim in America,
  • the funeral episode of How I Met Your Mother, and
  • this bit from The Daily Show about a community in Mississippi.
GAH, when humorous satirical news shows have you doing the ugly cry, you know you have issues.

I've had a couple of people ask me why we are pretty sure we are having a girl this time around, so I shall share.  Have you heard about the whole fast sperm vs. slow sperm thing?  On average, girl sperm are slow but live a long time while boy sperm are fast but die quickly.  When Rob and I were in the stage of, "What?! How did this happen?" (the answer, of course: the usual way) we were going back through our schedule and calendar and all that and the only thing that makes any sense is a slow sperm situation.  So there you go! TMI! We'll see if we're right in, oh, 10 weeks or so.


Eva said...

I am in awe of you. I don't understand how people get through the first trimester (or the last month) of pregnancy having a kid already, let alone two. If you even manage to blog, you must be doing ok.

You got me thinking. According to my numbers, Leah should have been a boy regarding slow/fast sperm, so there you go. Let's wait and see.

amydove said...

Hmm, I just learned a lot reading that article! The sciencey side of me is taking over... I will resist posting my theories/questions though :)

Oh, and I don't watch HIMYM, but several of my friends do and they were complaining about how the last few episodes made them cry, so it isn't just you.

angie.a said...

"the answer, of course: the usual way". bwhahaha!!

It still seems impossible to me that Violet is not just learning to roll over. Time truly flies by. Now she's going to be a "big" sister! What??!

Emily said...

Julia, I'm a bit late, but wanted to send well wishes your way.

My pedi told me I have an 80% chance of our hypothetical 3rd baby being another boy. I would assume the same stat applies to girls as well.

Hope you feel better soon!