Saturday, March 20, 2010

Backyard Picnic


Yesterday was a gorgeous, gorgeous day (before this cold front arrived that has plunged us back into rain and chill) so I packed us up and carted our lunch outside to the backyard for an impromptu picnic. We spread out a beach towel and set bowls of apple slices and cantaloupe and some coconut muffins we made earlier out for us to graze on in the warm sun. Grace and Violet ran around the yard with food in hand, munching and playing and soaking up the spring warmth.

Grace and the spring sky

Violet is eating pretty much regular food at this point, although I usually avoid giving her anything too terribly messy. She has discovered the joy of feeding OTHER people, however, and thinks it is hilarious fun to offer me chubby fistfuls of her food. I chose not to put online any of the several photos I have from yesterday that shows Violet shoving her cheese stick into my face/the camera. I guess she has spent all of her life being fed by other people and now finds great delight in turning the tables.

Backyard fun

Yesterday was also the day our house officially went on the market, and I discovered one other benefit to eating outside, aside from the novelty and fun-- no mess! Usually a meal involves smears of yogurt or a storm of crumbs falling to the chairs, the table, the floor, the high chair, and so forth, but yesterday I just shook out the beach towel and I was done. I did not have to vacuum and mop AGAIN in preparation for keeping our house pristine for prospective buyers. So, new rule! We all eat every meal outside until our house sells!


Carlie said...

*chuckle* Good plan!

Sharon said...

We are great picnic fans over here. It's still a bit hairy with Isaac, as he would rather tip over the plate than eat what's on it. Or eat the grass instead of the pear. But I love getting some fresh air and, like you, not cleaning up the floor afterward.