Monday, March 22, 2010

15 Months

Fun with trains

Violet is 15 months old today, and each passing day finds her more a toddler and less a baby. She has been walking for real for a while now, and it definitely is her preferred mode of transportation these days. She still has that stiff-legged, staggering gait of a newbie biped, and stomps around the house intent on her explorations. She is growing so independent and interested in EVERYTHING, which is good but at the same time results in a lot of emptied drawers and toys spread everywhere. Also, we are going through another phase of constant bruises and bumps as she masters walking, just like we did when she was getting used to crawling. There is just not enough babyproofing in the world to avoid it, I think.

Still a little unsteady at times

We turned her car seat around (from rear-facing to forward-facing) halfway through our drive from Dallas to New Orleans and I am happy to report that this has resulted in a bit more tolerance of the car. She is still not the biggest fan, as the car seat restrains her from the great big world out there to see and investigate and toddle about in, but she is much more content now that she has a view other than the backseat a foot in front of her face. And really, who wouldn't?


She is still nursing but in recent months has cut back on the frequency and length of her breastfeeding sessions. She nursed pretty much every two hours for a YEAR (during the day, at least) but now she is going longer than that and is often more interested in the busyness of her life than sitting still. At bedtime she usually doesn't fall asleep nursing anymore, but finishes and then I tuck her into the crib and sit by the crib reading a book until she nods off. She isn't in her crib the whole night yet but wakes up sometime in the night and comes to snuggle with me. She is such an easy, pleasant cosleeper that we haven't gathered the motivation to change our habits yet. And I know that these days of cosleeping and cuddling and filling my arms with this baby girl are short, so I am in no rush to end them.

Sweet Violet


Robert said...

I choose to believe that this is Violet getting UP from the grass, not about to split her head open on the concrete.

Julia said...

No head splitting-- don't worry. :)

Carlie said...

Cute cute! She definitely has her own look from Grace. Clearly sisters but, clearly individuals too. Fabulous to hear where she is these days. I'd love information at some point about how and when you stopped nursing to sleep...starting to think about these things with Baby Bird on the way.

angie.a said...

She is SOOO precious. Sniffles. I can't believe she's so big already! You're having like 3 more right??? You must populate the earth with pretty babies!!

Jacki said...

awe, what a big girl....**sniff**
Aldous weaned me a month or so ago, and sleeps the whole night in his cosleeper and LIKES it. :(

It's sad to see our babies go, but so fun to watch them learn new things, at the same time.

Fretman said...

Yes, yes! Populate the world with more pretty babies!