Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ear Worm

This song has been stuck in my head for going on a week now, so in an effort to exorcize it, I shall share it with you all today:

And it's true-- I do in fact never go to work! On the other hand, I never LEAVE work either, which is a downside to the SAHM life. We have a couple kids' albums from They Might Be Giants, and I've got to say that, ear worms aside, I really love them. So funny and good and sweet-- highly recommended.

Speaking of Grace's entertainment, she has finally discovered Mr. Rogers. I have tried to show it to her before now, but she would never watch it and was strictly a Blue's Clues/Backyardigans kind of girl, with perhaps a smidgen of Sesame Street thrown in. She watches TV most days while I shower, and also sometimes while I cook dinner, depending on how well I have planned and her mood at the end of the day. I tried an episode of Mr. Rogers out on her a few days ago and she is really liking it, which makes me feel kind of nostalgic and happy. Watching it as an adult makes me realize how lovely and sweet and gentle that show and its eponymous host is-- sweet jazzy piano music, serene explanations of how socks are made or what Tai Chi is (or of course breastfeeding), calm Mr. Rogers being all benevolent and kind. It's very soothing, which is refreshing after the intensity of most children's shows.

And then speaking of refreshing, I am about to leave this house in search of some air conditioning because ours has broken. I KNOW. There's a heat advisory today to top it off. I'm trying not to think about it too much and just move forward with my day because I know I am just on the edge of a black, black mood about July and Texas and other aspects of my life here. I am going to the mall with my two sweaty girls in tow until the repairman comes. We will soak up the cold AC and I will try to keep myself from indulging my emotional neediness by either a) eating something bad for me or b) buying things I don't really need.


Amber said...

Heat advisory? Sheesh...the South must've gotten our summer heat along with yours b/c our summer hasn't arrived yet! We haven't turned on our a/c because it's only 70's during the day and mostly 50's at night. But you know, I was reminded while we were visiting LA a couple of weeks ago when it was 104 degrees that I'd rather have the heat and humidity than snow and ice for four months...

Willyanne said...

TMBG came to the Arts and Ideas this year, but of course we didn't get there. We always plan to do all these cultural things in New Haven, but then just get busy. It was a lovely day that day and Ella was so happy just outside with her friends that we couldn't oull her away for the concert. Oh well. BTW, I am also on a mission to try to be content where we have moved. There is very little natural beauty in the town where we live- strip malls and then our new rich house community that is all manicured lawns and I can't even put a clothesline up! But, Ella loves the house and yard and I am working from home in my new "office" so I will remember my middle name and be thankful :)