Saturday, July 18, 2009

Christmas in July

Another installment in the grand video-editing efforts Rob has been making:

This video of Christmas 18 months ago makes me by turns homesick for our house in Connecticut and AMAZED at how much Grace's speech has changed. She is just shy of her 2nd birthday in the video and the first time I watched it I was flabbergasted at how I could barely understand her, although me-in-the-video apparently understands every single word coming out of her mouth.

Also, I am just in love with how she pronounces stroller-- "froller!" Sort of German-sounding, right? I love how toddlers often sound like they are non-native English speakers. For a long time, Grace sounded French, especially with how she said no. Watching all this video has made me a little heart-achey for Grace as her smaller selves but at the same time, it makes me excited to see what funny, sweet, goofy things Violet is going to do and say.

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