Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring & Flowers & Whatnot


Spring has definitely come to Texas and last week my parents took Grace, Violet, and me to visit the Dallas Arboretum.  It was really beautiful, as it has been every time I've visited, and we had a good time.


We wandered around taking lots of pictures.  The place was packed because it was spring break for most of the schools in the area, but not unpleasantly so.  Violet slept most of the time tucked away in the sling but woke up once we found a spot to stop and relax and eat our snack.  Our snack spot was near a hill and Grace ran up and down the big hill, then decided that rolling down would be more fun.

Two Girls Relaxing on the Blanket

One of my favorite things about the advent of warm weather is the emergence of the arms and feet and wrists of both my daughters.  There is so much to enjoy in the beautiful bodies of little children-- Grace's beautiful skin and lanky legs, Violet's chubby thighs and plump arms.  And for pure delight, it's hard to beat barefoot baby feet in the grass.

Barefoot Baby Feet

We live really close to the Arboretum and I sometimes toy with the idea of buying a membership because it's such a nice place to go and walk around and hang out. It's probably not such a good idea for me though, because the days are already getting a little too warm for me to enjoy being outside. I don't see myself voluntarily choosing to be outside for any length of time in the coming months, unless a swimming pool is involved.


ashley said...

Love the picture of the girls on the blanket - hits close to home!! BEAUTIFUL!

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Violet looks like Grace except chunkier, have you mentioned that before?!

So sweet. More pictures of Violet, please!

Kimberly said...

Meanwhile, it is just Freezing here in Virginia. Your post has reminded me to go to the local Gardens.