Friday, March 27, 2009

3 Months

Head Control

This past week Violet passed the 3-month mark.  She has been here with us a whole quarter of a year, over a dozen weeks.

Violet sees the great big world

She is such an amazing, beautiful baby.  She is so happy so much of the time and hardly ever fusses, so obviously having emerged from the unsettled chaos of newborn life into the plump contentment of babyhood.  Sometimes I just want to rub my face on her sweet soft cheeks or her squishy rotund belly.  Sometimes I do.

Sweet baby

She still loves her changing table, perhaps most of any other place in the house.  When she was going through her (blessedly short) phase of evening crying jags, that was sometimes the one place we could put her that would placate her.  Unfortunately it's not somewhere you can leave a baby unattended, but it does mean that she never screams during diaper changes, which is nice.  Our best guess about this spot's charm is that it is right below these black frames and the high contrast appeals to her baby brain.

Violet Looks Around

She smiles now-- real smiles, huge open-mouthed smiles full of joy and glee at the fact that we're interacting with her.  It's as if she's discovering that she's a human being, and yes, all these other creatures around here who carry her and feed her and talk to her are human beings too!  Sometimes she smiles when we coo and talk and sing to her, when we're working so hard to elicit that smile.  Sometimes, though, she smiles when I'm busy and my eyes just brush over hers on the way to something else, like she's the one who is going to work hard to get me to smile.

It works.


Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Julia, She's beautiful! And doesn't look like Grace to me in these pictures. And so chubby. Loving those cheeks.

I love the line about how she works hard to make you smile. So sweet.

Amber said...

Can you email me that essay on cloth diapers also? The things ARE so expensive, especially with an infant that goes through at least 8 of them a day, so I may consider using them next time around... Daycare probably wouldn't like me switching at this point with this child!

Julia, Violet is just precious! What a gorgeous baby...

Kimberly said...

Oh those are such cute pictures! Her neck is so strong!!

angie.a said...

She is SO STINKING CUTE!! I just want to snuggle those cheeks and smell that sweet baby neck. I could eat her up! I can't believe she's already 3 months old. Sniff.