Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our New House: the Bedrooms Edition

Master Bedroom

Care to take the grand tour of our new house?  Step right this way...  First, the master bathroom and and kitchen look pretty much exactly like they do in these pictures, except that it is our stuff on the counters instead of the stuff belonging to our sellers.  We did repaint the bathroom a shade of white that is DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT than the shade of white it was already painted but I'll spare you any before-and-after shots.  

Next up, our master bedroom.  The house originally stopped where you see the hardwood flooring ending but some previous owner added on to the house back there, giving us a nice little sitting area and a really big bathroom and closet compared to other houses of this era or in our neighborhood or in our price range.   That back wall is painted bright grass green and the rest of the walls are painted a slightly grayish white.

Master Bedroom

The front area has our dressers and bed, complete with the stupendously gorgeous quilt my mom recently finished for us.  Seriously, I think this is my favorite quilt that my mom has ever done, with vibrant colors and a cool, funky rose pattern; she did a great job making something just suited for us.  That bookshelf is behind our bed, sort of like a headboard and sort of visually dividing the room between the two areas.  We stole the idea straight from our sellers, who had it that way as well.

Master BedroomThe little back area has cool concrete floors, big bookshelves with doors for storage (where my, ahem, significant stash of fabric, patterns, and whatnot lives), a little place to read, and big windows and a glass door looking out on the backyard.  I really tried to get a shot showing the whole area but it just didn't work out.  Taking pictures of interiors always makes me wish we had a wide-angle lens.  I never feel like I am giving a good sense of the room as a whole.  Anyway, it is really peaceful and bright back in this sitting area; it's one of my favorite spots in our new home.   And an added benefit is that by some quirk of our air conditioning, it is always the coolest room in the house, probably a good 5 degrees cooler than our living areas.  Very nice for cool sleeping on hot Texas nights!

Grace's RoomGrace's room has great light too, with three big windows. We painted it bright purple and she too got a brand new quilt from my mom, with lots of bright quirky butterflies. The bed is new, but the dresser and bedside table were in our master bedroom in Connecticut and the rug was in her nursery there. The monkey is from ellynelly on Etsy; it wasn't too hard to put it up and I love the touch of goofiness it adds to the room.

The rest of the house will have to wait until I get some more pictures uploaded; until then you can wait with bated breath (or not, depending on how closely related to us you are) to view our living room and the other front areas of the house.  Oh, and you may have noticed my frequently changing banner up at the top.  What can I say?  I've discovered the magic of brushes and layer masks and opacity in the Gimp, and I just can't stop myself.  Perhaps you should mentally steel yourself to forbear with my banner fickleness until I grow tired of it and finally stick with something.


Anonymous said...

Love, love, love your master suite. the layout, the colors, the light... it's all fabulous. i think i've found my design soul-siter. -kathy k.

Colleen said...

Julia, I love these rooms! So cheerful and full of life. How in the world have you had the energy to do all this while pregnant?!?! I'm in love with your house - have fun in there!

Colleen said...

PS - does your mom take orders for quilts? :) I love them!

Andrea said...

Hi Julia,
I just discovered google reader which let's me "subscribe" to blogs and Amy introduced me to your blog. She updated me on all the amazing things happening in your life. Congratulations on the growing family!!! I'm about to graduate (cross your fingers) and I'll be heading to Pasadena for a post-doc position. Can't wait to hear more about your adventures back in Texas. One day, I too will have a blog....

Andrea from UT

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

I love it! I really love the bright green grass wall. That is what the boys room was going to be painted before the paint fiasco of '08.

Now, I'm trying to think where I could paint that color! Kitchen? I've been thinking of going orange in there, not bright but a deep orange and possible black cupboards. But, that green. Hmm... got me thinking!