Monday, April 14, 2008

We Found a House!

We got back this weekend from our jaunt to Dallas having successfully found a house to buy and live in. Three cheers for not being homeless! I think the best thing is that Rob and I both are really excited about this particular house; the current owners have sensibilities really close to ours. It’s a little 1950s ranch close to White Rock Lake that has had a lot of updating and an addition. I was joking with Rob that this house was meant for us because we love it just the way it is and not everybody would. I think that this is the only house in either of our house hunts (either in Texas or our first one in Connecticut) that would honestly be “move-in ready” for us; there isn’t really anything I feel like I have to do to make it a pleasant place to live. I mean, look at that kitchen! And look at our master bathroom:

It’s probably illegal of me to steal the pictures from their MLS listing, isn’t it? Don’t tell the cops on me, OK?

It’s a good thing that there isn’t any work to do because it is at the top of our price range. We were a bit surprised at how few houses there were that were right for us. I went in thinking that because of the huge inventory of houses and lower prices in Texas, there would a plethora of houses for us to choose from. It really came down to only two, though, that were good options for us in terms of location and the balance of price and how much work was needed. We did end up going a little further away than we originally wanted from the medical center where Rob will work; his commute will be about 30 minutes when we were hoping for more like 15 minutes. And of course, if we had been willing to go out to the suburbs, we could have gotten a whole lot more house for our money with better schools to boot. Ah, the American suburban lifestyle...

Anyway, we negotiated with the sellers over the weekend (it’s kind of confusing to be both sellers and buyers right now) and came to an agreement on price yesterday. Our contract is being executed today (how official-sounding...) and now it is going to be all mortgage-getting and inspection-having and oh, yes, let’s not forget box-packing. AAARGH.

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