Monday, April 28, 2008

Yet More Moving

We are deep in the throes of moving these days. There are 5 moving containers sitting outside our house right now, 4 of which are packed to the gills with all our furniture and other assorted stuff. We were really happy to get our worldly goods into 4 because it saves us quite a chunk of change. It really could have gone either way on that 5th container, but we decided that we would just say goodbye to the last few things that didn't fit since the cost of replacing them was less than the $800 for the 5th container. It came down to a lengthy interlude of Sophie's Choice as we decided whether we were more fond of the grill or Rob's bowling balls, the lawnmower or the 2 extra dining room chairs. Those 4 moving containers are packed so full and so efficiently! After hours spent meticulously packing them with no wasted space, we noticed a sign on the doors that said there was a certain weight limit for the containers and we are honestly a little afraid we have gone over the limit for at least one of the containers. Perhaps they won't notice?

Our house, in contrast to the moving containers, is quite empty these days. The furniture is all gone and the house is now littered with all kinds of random junk. That is a particularly annoying stage of moving when you get down to the dregs of your belongings; there's not much of a sensible, organized attack you can make on that like on a kitchen or a bookcase.

Oh, and our house is so dirty! Why does moving make a house so dirty? No one who lives in our house is that terribly messy and we are quite regular with the cleaning, so I am not quite sure where all this dirt has come from. Grace protests when she walks around in bare feet. "Big mess! Big mess!" she cries as she feels the grit and grime stick to her feet. Every time we pulled a heavy piece of furniture away from its normal resting place, what a vision of dust greeted our eyes!

It will be just a few more days here, days filled with cleaning and freecycling and packing up our cars full of stuff to take to our sublease in New Haven. We are definitely feeling excited about moving on to the next stage, and of course about sleeping on something other than an inflatable mattress.

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