Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We're Bored

So life here has moved from a state of frenzied, desperate activity to one of bleak doldrums. Our house is just not a fun place to be anymore. Everything fun is packed away. My sewing supplies are packed, my cookbooks are packed (along with everything you need to actually cook), the TV is gone (sold, not packed, if you are a stickler for accuracy)... Heck, even all the comfortable places to sit are gone. We are reduced to folding chairs, and although we could try to watch a movie (which are all packed, of course) on the computer screen while sitting on a folding chair, it just doesn’t sound very appealing.

Exacerbating the disagreeableness is a turn to the cold and gray that the weather has taken. I packed up almost all my warm clothes, including all of my warm pajamas, mistakenly thinking that since it is practically May there is no need for sweaters and other cozy items. And in my defense it was quite warm when I did all the packing. Unfortunately, now the daily high temperatures are in the 50s and I shivered in my inadequate skirt while teaching yesterday and have been sleeping in my robe over my pajamas to try to stay warm.

I regret to report that I am feeling sorry for myself when really all we are dealing with is some temporary, minor discomfort. We will move to our sublease tomorrow, where (hallelujah!) there are couches and real beds and an equipped kitchen. And although the moving has slowed down, we still have plenty to do to deal with the rest of the stuff in the house and to give the house a nice cleaning. So onward we must push, or else we will be stuck here with the folding chairs FOREVER.

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