Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sending Someone

Foggy morning walk

We are getting ready for Rob to leave on Saturday for Haiti. He'll be gone for 10 days and will spend his time doing medical training for local medical staff. I am excited for him to go, but of course there is the specter of extended solo parenting. He'll be gone for both Grace's actual birthday and her birthday party next Friday, as well as Valentine's Day, so you can see how I'm really suffering for the gospel here.

There is a city in Haiti called Gonaives, and there is a slum in a trash dump outside Gonaives called Jubilee. We have a friend (who we went to church with here in Salt Lake) who moved to Jubilee about a year ago. Her name is Grace and she is a nurse; in Salt Lake, she worked as a pediatric neurology nurse at the children's hospital and now she runs a primary care clinic in Jubilee. The clinic is part of a holistic effort in Jubilee to transform the community that includes a school for children, a trade school for adults, clean water, and so forth. Our church here is involved in a long-term relationship with Gonaives and Jubilee and this year a handful of people are going on this trip to do medical training and otherwise serve the people there in various ways, the local Haitians and the Americans who live there full-time. Grace and another nurse work at the clinic along with a handful of local nursing assistants; they are the ones who Rob and the other medical people from Salt Lake are going to be training. If you're interested in seeing what life is like is Jubilee, you can read Grace's blog; if you're interested in keeping up with the group Rob will be traveling with, they are going to update this blog while they are away.

Rob has gotten vaccines and sprayed his clothes with anti-mosquito stuff to fend off malaria while I have pondered how exactly I am going to take a shower while he is gone. (Ideas? I seriously cannot wait until Lewis will sit still and watch TV for 20 minutes while I get ready.) Rob has put together training on the immune system and pediatric development and so forth while I have pondered catching up on Downton Abbey while he is away. Rob is packing shorts and T-shirts and it will more than likely snow while he is gone. He will eat Haitian spaghetti and I will make vast quantities of macaroni & cheese for the kids. He is going and we are sending.


Eva said...

It is amazingly generous of your family to do this (in every aspect). My hat off to all of you.

As for showering, I suggest one of the two. Do it late when all the kids are asleep, or bring a bunch of toys into the bathroom for Lewis while the girls are at school. Also, it's ok to skip showers if you can bear it, it's winter after all.

Good luck for those 10 days, it will be an adventure at both locations.

Jill said...

Good luck with the solo parenting! Ben's been traveling a lot lately too. The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (http://www.lizziebennet.com/) have been a great distraction. Perfect casting, and there are so many episodes to catch up with. As for showering, I still bring Violet (who's almost two-and-a-half) into the bathroom with me and some toys to play with, because I don't trust her on her own :)