Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Many Moons Ago

Ten years ago this month, Rob and I got engaged! We had been dating about two years, doing the long distance thing for about 3/4 of that as I was in grad school in Austin and Rob was in med school in Dallas. I was at McDonald Observatory in west Texas for a late January observing run and Rob drove out there, all secretive and such, coordinating with the people who were there to surprise me. He surprised me on the catwalk of the 2.7-m telescope in the middle of the night and is lucky I didn't have a heart attack, because that is not exactly a place one expects to run into other people. Rob had a ring and the stars in the cold winter west Texas sky and it was all lovely and wonderful. Everybody say, "Awwwwwwww..."

Just engaged
Just engaged, in the west Texas dawn

A ring!
A ring!

A while before we got engaged (in the summer of 2000, to be exact) we both went to Central Asia with Campus Crusade for a summer to teach English and work with college students. Unbeknownst to either of us, some of my roommates went around on the last day we were in the country taking pictures with themselves and random people holding this sign:

In Central Asia, 2000

In Central Asia, 2000

In Central Asia, 2000

In Central Asia, 2000

In Central Asia, 2000

In Central Asia, 2000

I decided not to put the one featuring a dead goat on the internet.

We had just been dating for about a couple months at the time.  But then... my friends lost the roll of film! They were so sad. But then... another team from our group came to the same city later and found the roll of film in the apartment we all lived in! They developed the film and left the prints in a desk drawer where my friend found them, upon returning to the same city for about a year later! She brought them back to the U.S. and gave them to us after we got engaged and now here they are, for all of you to see.


Ree said...

HA HA HA HA HA!! I love this post so much! What wonderful memories. I had forgotten that they lost the film and it was found later.

Also... In my nostalgic picture sorting, I just put the 2 rolls of film (!!!) I took at your wedding in an album. Beautiful.

kpcheng said...

Oh my goodness! I had no idea these had ever been found! Thank you for posting them! So awesome!

JUst proves, y'all were made for each other!

And btw- what the heck am I doing wearing shorts in CA? NO wonder I'm not over there anymore ;)

Tibbslove said...

I love this! You guys are so young and fresh... and you have a great story. Nothing beats a romantic love story. <3

amydove said...

Aw, what a great post. I of course love the proposal, but even more I love that your friends were so sure you were right for each other so soon!

Fretman said...

Yes indeed. I have fond memories of the whole covert proposal operation. Congratulations to you two.

Emily said...

What a sweet story! You must feel so loved looking at those pictures.

Any plans for the big ten-year anniversary this year?

Carlie said...

There's nothing like a close-knit community to make you feel celebrated and loved. Eh? Congratulations...I think you've only improved with time. :)

Sharon said...

Julia, you have some amazing friends. What a great memory.