Thursday, December 22, 2011

Three Years of Violet

Sweet brown eyes

She is just knock-out drop-dead gorgeous, isn't she? It is Violet's birthday and she is 3 years old. We've been wishing her a happy birthday today and she responds, "Happy birthday to you too!" There was so much baby still in her at her second birthday, and so very little today. In the past year, she's weaned, potty-trained, and started sleeping the entire night in her own bed. (Well, most nights. She's actually been going through a bit of a rough patch sleeping-wise in the last week or so.) She is rock solid at identifying letters and numbers and almost as consistently can tell you what sounds letters make and count up objects.

She is so independent and self-sufficient, so confident and brave. Maybe more than anyone else in our family, she is her own person. This means she has no qualms at answering us, "No. Go away," when she is engrossed in something but it also means she is such a calm, collected soul when engaging the great world out there. She has a resilient toughness to her character but still a sweet toddler need for nurturing and snuggling that I hope she doesn't outgrow anytime soon. Who she is right now is amazing.
  • She calls pigtails and ponytails "Veggie Tales", although we are typically more of a Sesame Street and Sid the Science Kid house than a Veggie Tales house. At first, we had no idea what she was talking about when she was demanding these, leading to some great frustration.
  • She sometimes likes to sleep with a towel and calls it her "comfy night-night towel".
  • She dislikes wearing pants/leggings/etc and often outright refuses unless forced. She runs around the house in panties a lot.
  • She is a hair-twirler. I remember her wanting to play with my hair when she was a baby and now she will have both index fingers in her own hair, twirling in constant circles, when she is tired or stressed.
  • She loves to build big Lego structures and put together puzzles, often accompanied by a warbling song such as, "Building things building things building things." Sometime she will move to the piano to continue her song.
Oh, sweet, beautiful, goofy girl, I love you and I am so glad to be celebrating a new year of you.

Silly face


Eva said...

Indeed, knock-out drop-dead gorgeous (more so on that sweater). Happy birthday Violet!

Carlie said...

Hilarious bits about Vi! Love her towel attachment and hearing that she's a spunky little bird. A belated happy birthday to her, and many more!