Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lewis' Birth Video

Here is a bit of a glimpse into life changing for us a week ago. (And here are Grace's and Violet's birth videos, if you just can't get enough newborn wonderfulness.)



Emily said...


What a beautiful glimpse into perhaps the biggest day ever in the Silge family history!

Enjoy these few weeks and then in a few years you will look back and declare yourself a wonder woman.

Much love,
Emily Barker

Eva said...

Yes, wonder woman and wonder dad. I can't believe you guys managed to shoot all this given the schedule.

I just realized I was almost the same age as Grace when my brother was born... but there was no other sibling in between.

Fretman said...

Thanks for posting this video! We love you all very very much,


angie.a said...

He is SOOO cute. OMG. I just want to nuzzle those cheeks!! I'm really so happy for you guys! And a wee bit jealous no tiny babies are coming to my house again. :)

Laura said...


How in the world did you have time to put that together?!

Carlie said...

You guys are legend.

Beautiful, beautiful video, as usual...I really enjoy being witness to your mutual creativity and artistic creation via these baby documentaries you make. Great stuff.

Love the ending. Made me smile.

adrianne said...

Beautiful video, such a lovely family. I'm excited for you guys!! Abby said the same thing when she came out of her first day of kindergarten - I should send you guys the video. I miss you both. Congratulations. Love the Blind Pilot, by the way.