Thursday, October 7, 2010

Someday I Will Blog Regularly Again

Life has been a whirlwind lately, a whirlwind of moving trucks and boxes and painting and settling into a new home.  We have been in this new house for almost 2 weeks now and I feel like life is starting to settle into a comfortable pattern as the boxes have been cleared away and the various workers have finished their tasks and departed.  It still feels like there is too much to do each day and keeping up here online has, obviously, fallen by the wayside. This is fine and natural, but I have missed it.  I guess I should have expected it, seeing how the last time we moved in the summer of 2008 I blogged a mere 6 times in 3 months.  Until I manage some real time for thought and sharing, here are some bullets:
  • Getting Grace to preschool 5 mornings a week is kicking my butt. Seriously. This will get easier, right? And this would be a bad reason to consider homeschooling?
  • I love the light in the upstairs (non-basement) of our house-- so airy and luminous and bright.
  • I love how cozy the basement (where all 4 of us have bedrooms) of our house is; it feels like a snug den.
  • Grace is going to a little gymnastics class and although she is generally having fun, she gets freaked out by the uneven bars.
  • I have a hair appointment tomorrow and I am planning on doing something DRASTIC color-wise.
  • I really miss sewing.  My sewing stuff is all here and in the room where my sewing area will be, but we need some kind of storage furniture and organization and it is not ready for action yet.  I am just ITCHING to make something.
  • I think my children are not getting enough sleep, what with our new morning schedule, especially Grace. We've got to get them to bed earlier, I guess?
  • Our front door came back this week! Hooray! It's the original door to the house and was a bit the worse for its 93 years of wear.  We had somebody take it off and away where it was all refinished and it looks really lovely now.  Especially when compared to the plywood that was boarding up the doorway for the past few weeks.
  • Last weekend, Rob and I went to hear one of our recent-ish musical discoveries, a band from Portland called Blind Pilot.  I have such a soft spot for the banjo... (They are going to be at the ACL festival, Austin friends!)  It was a really fun show-- all the great stuff from their first album and some new stuff that was so good that it makes me excited for their next album.  All week Rob and I have had their music stuck in our heads.  There are worse things, certainly:


angie.a said...

Oh gosh, I'm so jealous. Wonderful new city, fun deciding on where to place things in a new house, babies to play with, preschool and MOPS and...sniff. I miss those days!! Now I have to WORK and my kids are TEENAGERS. OMG.

;) I really am glad you're enjoying SLC, even with the added stresses/new things to get used to.

Eva said...

Well, you are "absent" for very good reasons. We forgive you, but we definitely miss the stories.

I hope the house is reasonably ready soon.