Thursday, July 15, 2010

Things We Saw on Our 4-Day Drive from Dallas to Salt Lake City

  • 1250 miles spin by
  • 5 states
  • 3 hotel rooms, 2 of which had the same number (Freaky!)
  • innumerable cows
  • many horses
  • 1 prairie dog
  • a lot of deer
  • a herd of buffalo
  • some truly amazing sky
  • my friend Sharon, who fed us a delicious non-restaurant lunch with ACTUAL VEGETABLES as we made our way through Colorado (Hooray!)
  • wind turbines (One of them was really close to the freeway and I realized that although I've seen them pretty frequently, this was the closest I'd ever been to one and these things are HUGE.
  • snow fences (I did not know such things even existed.)
  • the Continental Divide (We are now flowing toward the Pacific, I suppose.)
  • many wee tiny towns, and a few bigger cities
  • so, so many Cracker Barrels (I never realize how many of these there are until I drive cross-country; our dinner there one night was Rob's first time to ever be in one.)
  • prairie, mountains, and high plains (So, so beautiful. This was a really beautiful, amazing road trip.)
At the New Mexico/Colorado border

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Fretman said...

... and 0 moving trucks. Well, actually you may have seen quite a few, but none of them yours!