Tuesday, May 11, 2010


It is a new week (well, it's Tuesday actually, isn't it?) and I think this may be the most calm, restful, "normal" week we've had in AGES. Rob got back yesterday from his last conference of the spring (Baltimore this time, in case you are keeping track) and we don't have any more trips on the schedule. I've done such nice normal things in the past few days like make bread and catch up on laundry and even do a bit of sewing. My beloved sewing hobby has been sorely neglected this spring, because of my exciting NEW hobbies of cleaning our house over and over and over again for showings and taking care of sick people. I am happy to report that our whole household is healthy now and has been for an entire week, which is a new 2010 record for us. Well, everyone in our household but sweet doggie Abbey is healthy. She, sadly, has cancer and after the last discussion I had with her vet, it appears that the cancer has spread to her lymph nodes and there isn't much else we can do but keep her comfortable. She seems remarkably happy and comfortable right now, come to think of it; hopefully the cancer won't start to interfere with any of her organs or anything for a good while yet.

I say there are no trips scheduled, which is technically true, but we will have to make a trip to find a place to live in the not-too-distant future. Rob is negotiating a contract right now for his new job this summer, and it is looking very promising. We have a bottle of bubbly wine chilling in our refrigerator, just waiting for everything to be decisively decided. It's not definite enough for me to feel comfortable announcing to the whole Internet where we are moving, but it is definite enough that I am researching preschools and rental houses and whatnot in what will almost certainly become our new city. I wish this house here would sell so we have more flexibility moving forward about houses and budgets and whatnot... It's been on the market for 7 weeks now and the showings have slowed down a LOT in the past week or so. I find that the longer our house is on the market, the less I like it. It was never a house that I felt strongly attached to, but I find what affection I had is dwindling.

We are crazy fools for mango at our house, apparently. There is some in our kitchen right now in fresh, frozen, and dried form. Speaking of our kitchen, remember when we had our kitchen counters replaced? We got a shiny new undermount sink and when we returned from our trip to California, I noticed that one side of it was starting to hang down a bit. Whatever magical glue they used to stick the sink to the underside of the granite had given way over on that side, the side that I normally fill with water and heavy cast-iron pans and babies and the like. I had the people who installed come out to fix it today and now we can't use our sink for 24 hours. I'm not sure if I'm going to make it, because over and over again this afternoon, I keep going to try to use it. It is just instinctive-- I need a glass of water, I need to wash my hands, and so forth. Maybe I should go put a sticky note on it or something to keep myself from forgetting and using it. This does mean I get to take the girls out to dinner tonight, though. Hmmmm, where shall we go?


Eva said...

Glad to hear everybody is finally healthy!... and I'm sorry or poor Abbey, let's hope she stays comfortable for a while.

Oh mango, the sole mention of it makes me shed a tear.

amydove said...

Congrats to Rob, I can't wait to hear the news!

Funny, I just bought some dried mango (now eaten) and mango sorbet, which I keep forgetting is in the freezer.