Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking for a Jobby Job

I am blogging FROM THE ROAD, which makes me feel all worldly and glamorous and globetrotting. Of course, I am blogging from just one state away from where I currently live, which is not quite a long trek, but still, you have to take your glamor where you can find it. We are currently in Santa Fe, and because of the time change compared to Texas I have woken up earlier than we need to, so I am lying in this giant king-sized bed with Violet asleep next to me and Robert asleep waaaaaaaay on the other side of this huge bed and the laptop on my actual lap. (Note to self: explore king-size bed option.)

We left home yesterday for a multi-stop trip for Rob to interview for the top contenders in the job search. There is a practice here with offices in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and they want to add an allergist to both cities. Rob spent yesterday shadowing the doctors in both offices and last night we went to dinner with the Santa Fe doctor and his wife. Today we're going with a realtor to look at some neighborhoods and houses to get a feel for what living here would be like. I have been to New Mexico twice before and I really like it here. I find the unique architecture appealing and the natural landscape (especially up here in Santa Fe) is so beautiful, although in a desert-like way, not a green lush grassy way. The job here looks like a great option and there are small colleges around where I could teach (and who knows? maybe Los Alamos would be an option for me later when I get ready to return to full-time work) and it is racially diverse (although somewhat socially segregated along class/racial lines, I understand) and they have DELICIOUS FOOD and all in all, I am sitting here with a very positive impression after our first day. It seems more likely that we would live in Santa Fe, which would be the smallest place I've ever lived. I think I would enjoy it; I've like the smaller cities I've lived in better than the bigger ones. It would be a pretty big change for us, and although I love that kind of change, I do feel a bit of uncertainty. The other down-side is that this job would involve a pretty hefty commute (down to Albuquerque) twice a week for Rob for the first year, but after that he would supposedly just practice in Santa Fe.

Later this afternoon, after our tours of flat-roofed adobe houses, we will fly to Salt Lake City where Rob will interview for two more jobs. (These are different jobs than the one he interviewed for earlier; apparently Salt Lake City really needs another allergist because 3 practices are hiring this year, whereas a lot of cities we looked at had no open jobs.) I have never been there so I am glad to see it and get a sense of what the city is like. I am expecting it also to be beautiful, in that moutain-y American West kind of way, and I am hoping to see if I really get the eclectic, funky, progressive vibe from the neighborhoods close to the university that it supposedly has. We will eat In-N-Out Burger tonight for dinner upon our arrival there (HOORAY!) and then tomorrow Rob will meet with one of the two practices. Thursday, we'll meet with a realtor there to get a little tour of the community and see what our real estate dollars will buy there, and then I will fly home Thursday evening. Rob will stick around through the end of the week to finish meeting with the other practice. I think moving to Salt Lake City would be less of a big change to our lifestyle, because of the size of the city and the architecture and the character of the community, which has both its ups and downs. Also, one of the SLC jobs would have a 5-minute commute for Rob, if we end up in the neighborhoods we think we would, which would be AWESOME. I'm looking forward to seeing it in the next few days, although Utah has inconvenienced me by requiring me to get back out my boots and tights and coat because it is SNOWING there. Snow in April! If this translates to less miserable summers (which I understand it does) I am totally in favor of it.

So back on the home front, my sister has come in town from her new home in Missouri to stay with Grace while we are away. This is definitely the longest we have been away from her and I MISS HER and I am hoping everything goes well for the two of them. My sister reports that Grace was a little sad the morning we left, but was pretty easily comforted and then got into her routine of preschool and busily playing and whatnot. I haven't talked to them since yesterday afternoon so I hope the first bedtime without us there went OK. I am so grateful to have somebody like my sister there to be the one taking care of her, but I am looking forward to getting back. Although to get actually get back, I have to navigate flights on my own with Violet, a car seat, a stroller, a diaper bag, and a big suitcase. Wish me luck!


amydove said...

It is so fun to hear of your potential new cities! I am guessing that the earlier job in SLC is a no-go since you probably would have made that decision by now. I think Santa Fe could be a fun place to live, from what I know. Enjoy the trip!

Eva said...

I just remembered we had a sort of bachelorette outing for you in Albuquerque... forever ago.

I love Santa Fe, and I am very partial to New Mexico in general, but I agree with you that the limited size of the cities there is something to think about.

Good luck in Utah, I hope you like the place, it's always good to have as many options as possible. And I'm sure that Grace will be fine with your sister. Kids have to somehow acquire independence.

Carlie said...

How extremely nice of your sister to watch Grace. That rocks! I haven't explored getting a king bed just because I want to preserve that heavenly vacationy feeling I get when we sleep in one.(slightly silly but true) Santa Fe is one of the only places in The West where I can imagine living. Its a big center for both midwifery and theatre two of my interests. Hope all the interviews and flights home and realtor meet-and-greets go swimmingly! So fun to hear from you On The Road

Sharon said...

I highly recommend the king size.
As for the jobs, both places sound great. I like New Mexico - it's the only non-winter state I would live in, I think. Helps that half of Jon's family lives there (he was born in Albuq). Jon's dad was at Los Alamos for awhile and really enjoyed it. He says the national labs are a great place to work. Good luck with the rest of your journey!

Jenny said...

You've got some fun options! And sounds like summers will be better than Texas at both of them!