Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hmmm, my auto-complete tells me that I have used that title for a blog post before. Perhaps it is unsurprising that a woman who leads the life I do will occasionally feel a bit run-down, a bit tired, a bit full of malaise and ennui and other French words. Violet is STILL not completely healthy, and two weeks into this episode I am starting to drag myself around in a bit of a haze. She is doing much better but is still full of snot and coughing a lot, especially at night. Ergo, she is not sleeping well. Ergo, I am not sleeping well. Ugh. On top of her snot, poor Violet is sporting a number of bruises these days. She is THISCLOSE to walking and is very motivated to practice her skills, but she is still very clumsy and has been taking a lot of falls. Sometimes I am surprised that children's innate desire to move and learn and explore is not squelched by the instinct to avoid pain. It is obvious from one look at Violet that it is NOT, however. Between the bruises and the snot, I haven't taken any pictures of her in a while; I should get on that. That's what they make Photoshop for, right?

I just glanced at my last entry and remembered anew the disastrous mess of replacing the countertop. They did get it installed that Friday night, then on Saturday they reconnected the kitchen sink and dishwasher, and then we spent most of our weekend washing dishes. We ended up having to wash every dish that was in our lower cabinets and cleaning cleaning cleaning the kitchen over and over again to eradicate the granite dust and other mess. By the end of the weekend, the kitchen finally felt livable and now everytime I wipe off the new counter, I smile dreamily and think, "Mmmmmmm, beautiful shiny granite..." It is gorgeous. This past week, a guy came out to put in some new grout between the counter and our old (but very nice) tile backsplash, resulting in yet another meal when we had to go out to eat. We do not go out much (baby, health, money) so it has felt quite decadent to frequent the restaurants around here during this process. The day the grout was put in we went to this fun little BYOB Italian joint that is within walking distance from our house where we drank the affordable red wine we carried there and ate delicious pasta. Boy, Rob and I sure love BYOB restaurants... Anyway, the counter installation process is nearly finished; someone just has to come tomorrow to re-attach our dishwasher to the counter so it quits trying to fall forward every time I open it.

I feel a bit sheepish to admit that Rob and I did not end up going to see a movie last weekend. We got the girls set up with our sweet babysitter and got out into the car and looked at each other and realized we did not really want to go sit in a dark move theater and not talk to each other for almost 3 hours. If the movie had been shorter, I think we would have still gone and then gone for coffee afterwards but as it was, that darned long movie was going to use up all our babysitting time. We chose the alternative of going for coffee and then going for fancy cheese and beer before returning home to relieve the babysitter and feed our children their dinner. It was so fun to go out on a date; we really should do it more often.

Thus, my fast from movies remains intact. I think I will wait for something else to come out that I am more excited about and that I really would prefer to see in a theater instead of at home. Whatever shall it be? And how much past 4 years will I go without seeing a movie in a theater?


Carlie said...

Must be something about the time of year...even warm and sunny Texas feel blurghy this time of year. My kids are well and so am I and I'm still dragging. Maybe we just need spring?

I don't blame you for giving up the movie. I find that I watch movies alone more and more often. I enjoy film a lot but its a little excruciating having that babysitter time slip away while you sit silently next to each other in a theatre.

Tina said...

Totally understand your choice to not go see a movie on your date. John and I see movies separately quite frequently for this reason (weekly for me). I agree, why waste that precious (and expensive) partner time in silence!