Friday, October 2, 2009

Things I Have Learned This Week

  • Mr. Rogers called one of his grandfathers "Ding Dong".
  • Nursing sessions with a grabby 9-month-old become much less painful after you trim her nails.
  • The National Parks are pretty awesome.
  • I need to feed Violet more prunes and pears and less iron-fortified cereal. Poor non-pooping baby...
  • My old dollhouse was purchased and is going to a little girl for her birthday.
  • Using duck-bill clips in my hair while it air-dries (like this) makes it possible for me to forego the hair dryer without looking all flat and triangle-y.
  • I think they really did kill off Maid Marian in the BBC Robin Hood series.
  • I can no longer take Violet's chair pictures without another adult standing just outside the frame, ready to swoop in and catch her, or else she will crawl directly off the chair, resulting in much weeping and injury and bleeding from her mouth.
  • Rob has decided to return to the world of blogging, and will not encourage our children to be doctors when they grow up. (Well, I knew that last part already.)


Kimberly said...

OMYGOSH I just looked t the chair pictures! How stinkin' cute! And she really has changed between 8-9 months!

angie.a said...

How can they kill Maid Marian?? Fail.

Ok, really, I don't watch. But I have considered it. It has had good buzz.