Tuesday, October 20, 2009

At the State Fair

Cotton candy

Last weekend, we went to the state fair here in Dallas. It was the first time I'd been since I was a little girl, and even then my memories are somewhat confused because I am pretty sure I conflate the state fair with the Fort Worth Stock Show. Anyway, we had a really lovely time and it was one of those beautiful, perfect days you get sometimes here in autumn. Mid to late October is really the best time of year in Texas; it is sort of warm-ish, sort of cool-ish and you don't need jackets but you don't usually get hot. Autumn is such a wonderful season, and it even manages to be lovely here in Texas. When we went to the fair, we had soft blue skies with just the tiniest flecks of clouds and a warm, friendly sun.

Happy Violet

We took the light rail train down to Fair Park where the fair is held; it was very convenient and a lot more fun than trying to navigate parking with a mass of humanity. And after all, I do have a great love for train/subway-type public transportation. I also have a great love for food, and there was no shortage of fun things to try. Fried food is a thing at the Texas state fair, with awards given out for the most unique fried item and whatnot. We decided to pass on this year's big new trend, fried butter (YES-- FRIED BUTTER), but instead went with chicken fried bacon (last year's hot new item), a fried Snickers, and fried peaches and cream. They were good, but I think the best things were the corn dogs that we all started our afternoon with.

Grace meets a cow

My favorite parts of a state fair are the old-fashioned parts, like the livestock and the quilts and the pies and the Ferris wheel and all that. We explored some of the livestock barns and got to see cows and pigs and goats and sheep-- pretty much the first time Grace has seen any of these animals up close and personal, I think. And the highlight of our day was our trip on the Ferris wheel. A slow circular path up up up to the top of the tallest Ferris wheel in North America to let our gaze travel far and wide over the flat Texas prairie overlaid with city as far as the eye can see.

Peeking over the edge


Tina said...

As always you and Rob take such stunning pictures. And I have so much respect for you passing on the fried butter. :) that sounds SO gross!

Emily said...

We've skipped over several county fairs here in VA because nothing really can compare to the TX fair. Did you go to the Hall of State? We had our wedding reception there and I hope to take my children there someday when we're at the fair.

Sharon said...

Anna would try fried butter. Dare I say, she would LOVE fried butter. I think she believes butter is cheese, and will not be dissuaded. It's all I can do to prevent her from eating whole sticks.
But then again, she's a toddler. I don't think adults can find any good excuse for frying butter. I didn't even think that was possible.

julia said...

Hello to a fellow Julia!