Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Not-So-Little Grace

So here is the last of our videos; we are all caught up on video editing now-- hooray! And now we have resolved to stay caught up on it. This video is most of 2008, so Grace is 2 years old in pretty much all of it and it starts out in our house in Connecticut and ends up in our new house in Texas, with a brief few seconds set in the apartment we sublet in New Haven in the interim. In this video, we get to witness her eating hummus with all of her fingers, using Rob's old EMT stethoscope on our funny dog, playing my dad's mandolin, and look! At the very end! It's me all huge and pregnant with pink hair. I kind of long to dye my hair again. I shall remind myself of the touch-ups required every 2 weeks and that it might not be the best move considering that we are going to start the adoption process soon-ish (social workers, interviews, etc, etc).

And can you believe that snowstorm? The lovely thick blanket of soft fluffy whiteness? I almost can't believe that it's real as I sit in our sweltering August heat. This is something I have experienced many times before; in the midst of the long hot summer, any other kind of weather seems imaginary, fantastical, hypothetical. I sort of don't believe in winter anymore. Seeing our Connecticut backyard all lush with snow makes me long for it, though, and maybe it does make me feel a bit cooler. It's like how watching the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back makes you feel better on a hot day. Hey, I know! Let's all go on a mid-August visit to Hoth! Who's with me?


Eva said...

Sorry for not posting a comment about this sooner. Good luck with starting the adoption process!. I imagine it's a long and relatively complicated affair. Are you planning on adopting within Texas?.

Kimberly said...

I love the pink hair. I am sooooo tempted to do it myself.