Friday, June 12, 2009


Some serious thunderstorms came through north Texas the night of my birthday, and in the early morning hours Thursday we heard a HUGE crack of thunder that put the rest of the thunder we'd been hearing to shame. Immediately afterward, our fans started to slow their rotation and the refrigerator stopped humming as our power was out. Good and OUT. Much to my chagrin, it is still out about 35 hours later and I am longing, yearning for electricity at our house.

I actually didn't mind it at first. It was raining all Thursday morning and we had the windows open listening to the steady drum of the warm summer rain. The house was so quiet without the AC or anything else running, and we read lots of books and ate the softening ice cream at lunch. Around 2pm, I started to tire of it, however. The rained stopped and the weather turned warm and muggy. I started to run out of things to do that didn't involve electricity, after writing birthday thank-you notes and reading a billion books and breaking out the snap press to repair some diapers. At 3pm, I switched Violet from cloth to disposable diapers as my diaper pail was full and there was no sign of being able to do laundry anytime soon. And then come dinnertime, I was totally over my zen accepting attitude and was grumpy and hot and annoyed, desperate to do laundry and run the dishwasher and check my email and twitter something.

Today is MUCH hotter than yesterday so we've escaped our house to my parents'. I call over there every few hours to see if the power has come back on as I sit here cool and comfortable and imagine my stash of breastmilk and baby puree defrosting in our freezer. They are saying this is one of the very worst bout of power outages in recent years and that they plan to have all the power back on for everyone by the END OF THE WEEKEND. Please please please don't let us be one of the last ones to get our power back...

Meanwhile Abbey is at our vet recovering from the doggie version of a mastectomy. We found a lump on her a week ago and it has turned out to be a mammary gland cancer. It's her 2nd cancer in the past year (the other one was a mast cell skin cancer) which leaves us feeling anxious and sad for her. She's doing well after her surgery so hopefully all is well and we will enjoy her for a long, long time. Preferably with electricity.



amydove said...

Goodness you have been going through a lot. Kudos to you for keeping up any kind of good spirit! I totally would have moved in to my parents' house after a couple of hours, and that's without two young ones to deal with! While I had a tornado nearby last night I still managed to keep my power the whole time, minus a brief flicker. Here's hoping your power comes back soon and Abbey stays healthy.

Kiki@Seagulls in the Parking Lot said...

Ike, 7 days or was it 8? Miserable? Yes. Only the first day was fun. Then that night came and it was so awful. So sweaty and awful. So sweaty.

Glad it's back on! It sure makes you appreciate it doesn't it?!

Christy@pipandsqueak said...

I hope you don't lose the milk! When we were out of town our fridge broke and I lost all 8 bags that were frozen. I never did stock any more up. In fact, I just sold my breastpump tonight!