Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I am wavering in my resolve to not buy any clothes right now. I mentioned previously that I bought a pair of jeans about 4 weeks postpartum with Grace and how I later viewed it as a mistake purchase since I only wore them for a month before I could pull them off without undoing the button and zipper. Well, now I am full of uncertainty because from my current perspective it does not seem like such a dreadful thing that I had SOMETHING to wear for that month. Right now it is yoga pants or knit skirts for me; warmer days are fine because I look halfway decent in the skirts. On colder days, though, I pull out the yoga pants yet again and YET AGAIN look like I should be heading to the gym. Sigh... My maternity pants and skirts won't stay up and none of my regular clothes will zip or button. I just might cave and go buy some kind of inexpensive pants that I can wear for the next month when it's too cold for my skirts.

Our two little ones have fallen under the influence of a little cold.  What a dreary and annoying and messy thing a minor cold is...  The blue bulb syringe and I have spent some quality time together, and I can now share with you that it works much better on almost-3-year-old nostrils than wee tiny 3-week-old nostrils.  Fortunately no one has a fever or is too miserable and Violet is not so stuffed up to have trouble nursing; I just get to deal with lots of Kleenex and runny noses and snot.

In other bodily function news, Violet has not pooped since midday on Friday.  This would be freaking me out a lot more if this were my first baby; I had a few friends with babies right around Grace's age who would sometimes go multiple days between bowel movements.  Apparently it isn't too out of the ordinary for some breastfed babies to do this.  It does concern us a little bit, though, because it's more normal for a 3-month-old than a 3-week-old.  Tomorrow I'm going to break down and call the pediatrician for reassurance, with Rob's blessing.  Dealing with pediatricians is always somewhat complicated when you are married to one; on the whole, it's made me realize what they are trained for and what they're not trained for.  (Let's just say I won't be asking my child's pediatrician for advice on breastfeeding problems or sleep anytime soon.)  It is always good to have a neutral party to bounce ideas off of, though, so I'll call tomorrow to hopefully get reassured that this is within the normal range of pooping situations.

Violet's face has started bursting into those first fleeting sleep smiles pretty frequently these days.  It's so lovely to see her face break into a dimpled smile as she finishes nursing and her eyes flutter closed in sleep. It has made me realize that it will be just a few weeks before she is smiling for real, and this realization has in turn made me contemplate how soon Violet will be alert and awake and ready to play and interactive and a fuller version of the person she will eventually be.  It's magical and transfixing.


amydove said...

I say it's time to shopping. You deserve to feel like a normal person, proud of her post-pregnancy body!

angie.a said...

Do you have a Cato? They have cheap jeans that are darn cute. Less than $20! ANd of course Old Navy is always good with their $12 jean sales if you can catch one. Could you whip out some cute linen drawstring pants? I always feel kinda classy and dressed up in my linen drawstring pants, and yet naughty too cause they're so comfy.