Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How I Spend My Free Time

Or, Things I Have Done While Grace is at Mothers' Day Out
  • Folded giant piles of laundry while watching Project Runway and The Daily Show (it never seems right to watch all those bleeped-out expletives with a toddler around)
  • Worked out at the dreaded gym, as much as it has pained me to use my precious child-free time thus
  • Napped, sometimes for almost the whole time she's gone
  • Made phone calls, paid bills, written overdue emails
  • Applied Manic Panic to refresh the pinkness of my hair (so far I've had to do this every 2 to 3 weeks after the initial bleach/color session at the salon-- annoyingly frequent, but less time and effort than a pedicure, so you know, not too bad)
  • Gone to OB appointments, sometimes when I actually have them scheduled
  • Done some sewing
  • Shopped for groceries in a delightfully leisurely manner unfettered by an impatient, distractible companion
  • Re-organized our filing cabinet
  • Gone to the post office with small piles of eBay items (why am I STILL trying to get rid of stuff that we moved halfway across the country?!  Aargh, materialism, how I loathe thee...)
  • Written blog entries (so meta!)

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