Friday, September 26, 2008

Nursery Design Fun

Getting ready to decorate the nursery

I am just at the beginning of my 3rd trimester, depending on how exactly you prefer to do the math.  This means there is a BABY COMING, dear reader, and we have got to get ourselves ready.  Somehow this translates in my head to decorating a bedroom, although as I've stated before I realize there is some logical fallacy there, given our parenting choices and habits.  Oh well, better to decorate and organize this room now than after we have a new tiny tyrannical human with us, right?  Anyway, the cute fabrics are from IKEA and were super affordable.  I'm going to do curtains (combining both fabrics) for the two windows and a dust ruffle (just the hippos) for the crib.  We don't use a bumper (dangerous) and I have enough crib sheets, so that's about it for textiles.  I couldn't decide between pink and red, so at the suggestion of my mom (good idea, Mom!) we're using both.  (I am secretly very pleased with this because with just one wall in this room painted red, I think I can still get away with painting the dining room red in the future.  I chortle with crimson-addicted glee!)

OK, I shall cease with the excessive parentheses now.

I was really excited this week to get our Tiffany Ard art in the mail.  And we've decided on a name:

We decided on a name!

Yes, even though Grace has the purple room right now.  There will be plenty of time for doing things color-coordinated with her name in the years to come.  Rob and I are painting this Saturday while my parents spend the day playing with Grace; I know that Rob agreeing to do this with me is a real expression of his love for me given his marked dislike for painting tasks.  I'm going to try to get all the prep done today so we can really just get in there and paint tomorrow.

In other baby preparation efforts, I recently opened up all the boxes of Grace's outgrown clothes and organized them.  It temporarily soothed the organizing, nesting compulsions flowing through me to fill the drawers of the baby's new dresser with little tiny clothes organized by size and type of garment.

Tiny clothes

And seriously, these are some TINY CLOTHES.  It is hard to believe that Grace was so small a mere two-and-a-half years ago, and harder still to believe that a new tiny person is coming.  Really newborn babies are so seldom seen in public (for good reason, what with their immature immune systems) that it seems just laughably impossible for a human being to be so tiny.  For scale, here is a shot with my hand in it:

No, seriously, people, these are TINY CLOTHES


Recovering Sociopath said...

Love the hippos!

ashley said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the new nursery - and to meet little Violet! It's hard to believe that you're already in your third trimester - hope to catch up soon!

angie.a said...

I love the color scheme, the art and the NAME is awesome!! And awww at the teeny onsie. I miss my tiny babies!

Eva said...

I really like the color scheme. Violet will probably be a very alert little girl. Oh, and I really like the name too.