Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Cold Winter Day

It is a cold, cold winter day today here in New England and it is supposed to snow tomorrow. February is starting to feel a bit gray and dismal so some fluffy white snow would not be amiss. Spring still feels eons away, that is for sure. It seems like a good day for hot tea and wooly sweaters and something steamy and substantial for dinner.

Grace’s birthday celebrations last week were delightful and fun. We had chocolate cake and a few presents with just the three of us on her actual birthday, and then had quite a handful of toddler friends over for a birthday party on Friday. I may have gone overboard with how many people I invited given the space we have here. I am totally OK with a huge crowd of riotous toddlers wreaking havoc at our house, but a few of the little ones looked a bit shellshocked by the mayhem. And I had planned a craft, but there were just too many kids and not enough space to really do it. It was a delightful rollicking party, however, despite a few mishaps including one little one having an allergic reaction to the cupcake icing (egg whites) and the cupcakes all coming crashing to the floor because of a toddler’s curiosity. Did I pick up the cupcakes and still feed them to our guests? Yes, yes, I did.


I am normally a really neat person but having a gigantic mess after a party does not bother me at all. I love entertaining, whether having grownups over for dinner or kids over for a playgroup or party. Getting to play hostess somehow quiets my inner neatnik and makes it fun to get the house ready and cook, and not too dreary to clean up afterwards.

Keeping the house clean for prospective buyers is not quite as fun, but it hasn’t yet become too tiresome. Our house has officially been on the market since Saturday and we’ve had people coming to see it at what seems like a steady clip. I’m not going to directly link to the house listing in an effort to not be so cavalier about what info I put on the internet, but you can pretty easily find it at www.realtor.com if you know our zip code, which I am pretty sure everyone does who has come to our blog. So far, the prospective buyers have said they are looking for something bigger or a bigger kitchen, but we are feeling OK about the process so far. We’ll see how it all goes...

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